Avocado Shine Butter 80ml

Avocado Shine Butter 80ml




  • Adds texture & support Delivers pliable control & shine;

  • 100% pure essential oils of Rosewood, Ylang Ylang, & Clove balance, calm and promote a healthy scalp;

  • Pure natural Avocado Oil and Ricinus Oil soften hair & impart amazing shine;

  • Pure natural extract of Lime Blossom soothes & refreshes hair & scalp.


  • ICINUS COMMUNIS SEED (RICIN): These antibacterial and anti-fungal properties are beneficial against folliculitis, dandruff and scalp infections. Its ricinoleic acid content helps to increase circulation in the scalp and improve hair growth. Ricinoleic acid is also said to help balance the pH of the scalp, which can also help to restore the natural oils of the scalp and repair some of the damage caused by the use of aggressive chemicals contained in certain hair products. Castor oil antioxidants also support keratin in the hair and help to make hair stronger, smoother and less curly.

  • PERSEA OIL GRATISSIMA (AVOCADO) PANTHENOL: Avocado oil has important properties that will improve the appearance and condition of hair. Avocado oil restores lost lipids and is rich in vitamins E and B. These vitamins have an effect on beneficial on the epidermis, thus strengthening the hair. Vitamin B also supports hair growth, while vitamin E is more associated with the repair of capillary damage. Vitamin E also provides properties to reduce the effects of pollution.

  • VITAMIN E ACETATE: It is an antioxidant that protects cells against free radicals. Vitamin E supports the scalp and gives hair a solid base to grow while reducing oxidation and preserving the lipid layer.

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